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Hi, my name is Autumn,

 I am a culinary student with a passion for photography. Welcome to my blog! I’m based in the UK and started this blog to create a community of likeminded people. We aim to help each other as we expand our recipe books, carving out a new path in life doing what makes us happy.

If you have a passion for cooking, photography, or just need a fun and upbeat community to add some joy to your social media, and build up your skills in the kitchen, come and dive in. You’ll feel right at home here!! I post everything from cooking basics to technical skills, as well as photography inspiration and lifestyle/study content.  Most importantly, I’m just starting out, so come and join me on this journey. Give me a follow and see where we end up.

I’ve always had a passion for cooking. When I was young, my mum would stand me and my sister on stools next to the hob, teaching us to cook omelettes. We were only three years old, but it worked! It grew all throughout my childhood, going to food fairs and tasting every unusual food I could get my hands on. My passion skyrocketed when I lost my hearing in the Summer of 2020. I had to learn how to interact with the world again and I found what I truly loved – cooking. Good food brings such joy, transforming people’s mood completely and bringing smiles to their faces. So, I knew what I had to do. I signed up for a catering course at college and started this blog, thrilled by the idea of getting out of the classroom and doing something that makes me truly happy!

Now I want you to join me, reach out: say hi on twitter, go follow me on Instagram. Let’s start doing things that make us happy; create a community, lifting each other up and learning new skills together.

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